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Company Culture :

Employee Diversity : Indoco as a company strongly believes in Employee diversity. Our commitment to diversity includes a range of initiatives that help our employees to work in an understanding, flexible and creative environment.
Employee Networks : Indoco supports associations that represent the common interests of our employees. These provide support and development possibilities that help us to keep and retain the best people.
Flexible Work Options : Indoco's flexible working policy enables our people to maintain a positive work-life balance and address personal and professional needs.
Mentoring : We at Indoco, use mentoring to give our employees the opportunity to learn from a more experienced colleague. Again, this is part of our plan to keep the best people.
Recruitment of Female and Minority Employees : Indoco is committed to equal opportunities through our recruitment of employees that represent all people within society, including women and ethnic minorities.
Talent Review and Succession Planning : We at Indoco, place a high priority on our ability to develop talent and enthusiasm in our employees. Through succession planning we can identify and encourage our high-potential employees and ensure that they have a career path that meets their and our needs.
Training and Development : By providing our employees with an environment that encourages learning and development, we can allow people to realize their potential. Activities such as on-the-job training, web-based learning and self-study are part of our training and development programme.
Management Trainee Programme : Management Trainee Programme is a perfect example of our commitment towards developing and nurturing young talent. Indoco recruits the best minds from Business Schools and prepares them for the challenges of business. Each of the Management Trainee, irrespective of their discipline, gets an opportunity to work and get exposed in sales, R&D, HRD and manufacturing.
Salary and Benefits : Salaries and other benefits in Indoco can be comparable to the best in the industry and one can expect to be rewarded highly if your performance is very good and consistent. Additionally, you will receive a wide range of benefits like the Group Life Insurance, Pension plan are a few examples of our focus to provide our employees and their dependents with adequate financial protection on solid and long term care basis.