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R & D : Pilot Plant


The newly opened Kilo Lab Facility at Rabale is for the production of gram-to-several kilogram quantities of APIs and key intermediates for pre-clinical phase to phase II clinical studies Pilot Plant facility is of a modern, state-of-the-art facility developed to manufacture clinical materials for the pharmaceuticals industry.

Indoco pilot facility is versatile kilo lab and able to perform a wide variety of reactions and complete multi-stage intermediate and API processes.


The Pilot Plant is situated at the Company's solid oral facility, Plant I in Goa. The Plant has a manufacturing area with relative humidity upto 40 percent with capability to handle aqueous and non-aqueous coating.

The machinery and equipment in Pilot Plant are prototype of the ones installed in the R&D facility in Mumbai and the main manufacturing area. This helps for scale-up from the R&D stage. The pilot plant is useful for manufacturing exhibit / validation batches, so also, the high value products, which are usually required in small batch sizes.

The Pilot Plant has been approved by the UK-MHRA, Darmstadt-Germany and ANVISA-Brazil.

Batch sizes of 15 to 60 kg sizes can be undertaken at the site.