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Domestic Business - Marketing Divisions :

Indoco has a strong presence in the Indian Pharma Market with rising prescriptions from various specialties through its 9 marketing divisions, catering to both acute and chronic therapies. Each of the division has a focused approach on Doctor specialties through a Product basket that meets the needs of the patients.
INDOCO : INDOCO division has a strong presence in major therapies including Gastrointestinal, Anti-infectives, Respiratory, Anti-Diabetics & Vitamins. Cyclopam, Karvol Plus, Cloben-G, Tuspel Plus, Oxipod, Glychek, Hemsyl, MCBM-69 are the top brands promoted by the division with a strong prescription equity amongst the covered specialties like General Practitioners, Consulting Physicians, Gynaecologists, Pediatricians, ENTs and Dentists.(click here to view product list)
SPADE : SPADE division covers ENT surgeons, Consulting Physicians, Paediatricians, General Physicians, Chest Physicians, Dermatologists & Gynaecologists. The division promotes brands like Febrex Plus, ATM, Otorex, Bactogard & Triz LM besides others. Some of these brands are amongst the leading brands in their respective therapeutic categories. In fact, Febrex Plus is in the league of Top 500 Brands of Indian Pharma Market (IPM ) and is ranked 135th in the IPM ∗. Having a turnover of Rs. 100 crs. SPADE is also positioned to develop a strong equity at ENTs and Paediatricians which would propel it into the next level. ∗AWACS MAT FEB 15 (click here to view product list)
SPERA : Spera division which was launched in year 2007 has registered a decent performance. It is also expanding its reach in North zone to explore potential of our legacy brands & capitalize opportunity for other products. (click here to view product list)
WARREN NxGen :WARREN NxGen is an extension of Warren division with a focus of introducing NxGen products in the market. Apart from Dentists this division will also focus on developing other specialties like ENTís, GPís and Oncologist. This division has a more of scientific approach towards development of brands in the market by conducting scientific activities with doctors. This division has a wide therapeutic segment, which includes Stomatologicals, Anti-infective, Pain management, Local Anesthetics and Oral Solids. There are many novel products in the pipeline, which will drive the growth of this division. (click here to view product list)
WARREN ACE : This division exclusively focuses on the Dentist fraternity across all India with the objective of developing products through prescriptions(Rx). The division is working on developing various existing brand categories viz. Antibiotics, Pain management, Local Anesthetic & first time in India brands like Snowdent and Senolin SF etc. (click here to view product list)
WARREN EXCEL & WARREN VISION : Warren Excel & Warren Vision divisions are the Ophthalmic Divisions of Indoco majorly covering Ophthalmologists promoting products in various Ophthalmic segments. The Divisions have presence in Lubricating, Anti-infective, Anti-allergic, Anti-inflammatory Eye drops and Eye ointments market in addition to oral anti-oxidants and oral anti-infectives targeted for the management of Ophthalmic conditions. The leading brands marketed by these divisions are Macuchek, Irivisc, Mofloren, Alerchek, Homide, Renolen & Dexoren-S. Quite a few brands are amongst the top five brands in their respective categories. (click here to view product list)
INDOCO CND : 'Indoco CND' caters to super-specialists like Cardiologists, Diabetologists, Endocrinologists, Nephrologists and Consulting Physicians with an objective to strengthen the Company's presence in chronic segment. The division is progressing well with its top brands like Prichek, Telmichek, Cal-aid, Amchek, G-Neuro and Febubest. A combination of Rosuvastatin and Vitamin D has been launched for the first time in India under the brand name RosuchekĖD and has received good response at the consultant level. (click here to view product list)
INDOCO FOCUS : In pursuit to fortify the Company's existence in the chronic segment, 'Indoco FOCUS' focuses on super-specialists like Consulting Physicians, Diabetologists, Cardiologists and Nephrologists. The division is witnessing a remarkable progress due to its top brands like Glychek, Durashape, Atherochek, Tuspel Plus, Inflachek and Oxipod CV.

The successful launch of Durashape, a novel and unique concept of Leucine & Pyridoxine combination for the first time in India, is gradually gaining the Doctor's confidence. Like the unique and novel concept of Durashape, this division has initiated for the first time in India, a simple but unique e-learning module 'The Durashape App'. This app expects to reach more than 2500 Doctors. The Durashape app will be daily updated with the latest abstracts, research and publications from top International and Indian Journals in the field of obesity, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. (click here to view product list)
INSTITUTION : The Institution division deals with Government health departments, including ESIC, Railways, BHEL, SAIL, DHS, Defence and Coal fields, etc. The division works closely with these institutions for registering the Companyís products in their formulary and participates in various tenders for medicines & proprietary products. The rate contracts and tenders are awarded at regular intervals by these government institutions, which ensures sustainable growth for this division.

INDOCO IMPULSE : Launched in June 2014, this division will cover the untapped vast business potential existing at Corporate Hospitals & Nursing homes with high end injectables and oral antibiotics in critical care segment. Indoco Impulse caters to super specialists like Surgeons, Intensivists, Neurologists, Nephrologists, Chest Physicians and Consulting Physicians.