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International Business - APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) :

Indoco is one of the leading manufactures of APIs & Intermediates from India. We offer APIs from various therapeutic segments mainly Anti Diabetic, Ophthalmic, Dermatology, Anti Hypertensive & Veterinary applications.

As per international universal standards, all API products are manufactured under ICHQ7A guideline and with GMP Certification from Local FDA. We export to around 40 countries around the word. We have filed several USDMF & COS / EDMF and are aggressively working with US, European & Japanese generic and branded pharmaceutical companies.

With our dedication, determination and innovation we will continuously strive to reach the best and to serve the best. We are looking forward to establish long-term co-operating relationship with all our customers.
Services :

Contract Research :

Indoco offers its research and development capabilities to innovator and big generic companies for their development of APIs & Intermediates.

Services offered are as follows:
  • Custom Synthesis of Molecules and Intermediates (Preclinical and Clinical)
  • Contract Research : Process Chemistry Research and Development
  • Non Infringing Process Designing and Scale up
  • Analytical Method Development / Validation, Impurity Profiling and Polymorphic Studies
We undertake work as FTE or Fee for services model.

Contract Manufacturing :

Indoco has State-of-the-Art facilities for manufacturing of various APIs and Intermediates developed in R&D to commercial production. We undertake contract manufacturing of building blocks to innovator companies.

The manufacturing facilities hold good capacities from Kilo to Multi ton and are managed by efficient and skilled professionals. We ensure consistent quality, quantity and timely delivery of products as per the customer specifications.

Sale of APIs and Intermediates :

Indoco manufactures and exports APIs and Intermediates to Regulated and Emerging markets with necessary documentary and plant approval support. 

Kindly refer the product list and feel free to contact us for your enquiry.

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